Srepok: unharmed by war, endangered by man

Years of isolation, the consequence of decades of war and civil strife, have left the Srepok River area and its rich biodiversity relatively intact. The river itself teems with exotic fish, while wild cattle and large cats still roam the surrounding plains. However, this natural wealth is highly threatened by destructive fishing practices, land conversion, illegal logging and the ferocious trade in wildlife.
Two leopards captured on film by a camera trap, deep in the dry forests rel=
Two leopards captured on film by a camera trap, deep in the dry forests

Saving the Serengeti of Asia

Aware that conservation in a country as poor as Cambodia will only succeed if local people continue to benefit economically from the river and its forests, WWF has embarked on an innovative project.

Working with local communities and authorities, WWF is developing an ecotourism venture similar to the successful game reserves of South Africa that will attract tourists from all over the world to bird watch, angle in the river and take safaris into the forest to view the spectacular wildlife.

As well as saving this amazing landscape, once described as the the Serengeti of Asia, the aim is to create livelihoods for local people and alleviate the poverty that pervades this area.

The BBC’s Guy De Launey joined WWF for a mountain bike trek through the Srepok protected wilderness area of Mondulkiri province in northern Cambodia...
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