Prespa, Greece

WWF “One Europe, More Nature (OEMN)” has initiated an innovative pilot project in the transboundary “Prespa Park” region of Greece, Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRoM).

The project’s overall goal is to reduce the environmental impacts of intensive agriculture, primarily from Greek bean farmers, by introducing ecologically-friendly agricultural practises connected with the special environmental needs of the area.

The project mechanism is a new product labelling scheme that will commercially highlight the high environmental quality and origin of the products through the use of a “Prespa Park Products” label. This will give the farmers a marketing edge over their competitors and an improved market position through product differentiation.

Read the full details about the pilot project in the new "Fact Sheet: Prespa" in the "Downloads" section.
Fishing boats, wet meadows, and reeds. Prespa lakes, Greece.  
	© WWF / Georgia VALLAORAS
The Prespa Lakes are under threat from intensive agricultural practices.


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