Merja Zerga, Morocco

WWF “One Europe, More Nature (OEMN)” has initiated an innovative pilot project in Merja Zerga, a lagoon located on the Atlantic coast of northwest Morocco.

Its goal is to make the cultivation of strawberries in the area more sustainable with local ecosystems while continuing to provide incomes for local farmers.

The mechanisms for achieving this goal include implementing good agricultural practices, identifying an appropriate market mechanism for farmers and improving the management of plastic waste. The identification and implementation of the mechanisms will be laid out in a new overall management plan and vision for the area, taking advantage of the experience gained by WWF-Spain and OEMN in Doñana, Spain.

Read the full details about the pilot project in the new "Fact Sheet: Merja Zerga" in the "Downloads" section.
	© Michel Gunther
Coastal wetlands meet the ocean at Morocco's Merja Zerga lagoon.
© Michel Gunther


  • WWF Mediterranean Programme Office
    Meryem El Madani
    Freshwater Project Coordinator
    Ecole Nationale Forestière des Ingénieurs
    BP 511, Tabriquet
    Salé, Morocco
    Tel.: +212 37 86 53 44

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