Maramures, Romania

WWF has initiated an innovative pilot project on the Oas-Gutai plateau in the beautiful mountainous Maramures region of northwest Romania. The goal of this One Europe, More Nature (OEMN) initiative is to protect and restore a biodiversity-rich mosaic of natural and semi-natural grasslands and meadows, while increasing incomes for local residents and farmers.

A new herd of a local cattle breed was introduced to graze on the mountain grasslands using traditional, ecologically-friendly, practices. The herd size and grassland area have already expanded, and this will continue as ever-more cattle and more farmers become involved.

The farmers will receive new income through the sale of organically-certiied “green beef ” – a first in Romania. Incomes will also be derived through eco-tourism expansion which capitalizes on the enhanced landscapes and green beef, a new 19,602 ha Natura 2000 site and a “Greenways” tourist trail.

Read the full details about the pilot project in the new "Fact Sheet: Maramures" in the "Downloads" section.

	© Pop Emil
The pristine forests of Maramures are under threat from loggers.
© Pop Emil


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