Gelderse Poort, Netherlands

WWF “One Europe, More Nature (OEMN)” has supported an innovative pilot project at the Gelderse Poort in the Rhine River delta of the Netherlands. Its goal is to improve nature conservation and flood protection while enhancing nature-based businesses and alternative incomes for locals.

Overall, local people are successfully building a new economy, creating new jobs and restoring ecological processes and landscape quality. The whole process takes place on a voluntary basis and is market-driven and independent of long-term subsidies. New partnerships were established between WWF, other NGOs, brick companies, farmers, governmental authorities and private businesses and entrepreneurs.

Initiated by WWF-Netherlands and ARK (a local NGO) in the 1990s, the approach, lessons and success of the Gelderse Poort project led to the development of WWF’s One Europe More Nature programme. Since 2003, the Gelderse Poort project has acted as a living demonstration of how business and nature can go hand-in-hand, how innovative approaches can lead to benefits for people and nature, and how new economies can be built around conservation. In this way, it continues to inspire and encourage the OEMN staff in other projects around the continent.

Read the full details about the pilot project in the new "Fact Sheet: Gelderse Poort" in the "Downloads" section.
WIld konik horses at the Millingerwaard Nature Reserve.


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