Threats to Minkebe

Conservation Issues A bulldozer clears trees and vegetation to build a road into logging concession areas. Gabon Central Africa
© © Martin HARVEY / WWF
Logging : More than half the Minkebe area is under logging concessions.

- most of the time for bushmeat - is another major threat. It is driven in part by the presence of logging companies.

is rapidly expanding and is expected to have huge adverse impacts on forests, wildlife and rivers.

The Ebola virus also poses a threat here. Because humans and gorillas have a similar genetic makeup, gorillas are vulnerable to many of the same diseases carried by people. In the Minkébé National Park in Gabon, part of TRIDOM, a 90 percent decline in western lowland gorillas was most likely caused by Ebola.

	© Michel Gunther / WWF
Bush meat hunter with Duiker species and Ceropthecus species. Minkébé, Gabon
© Michel Gunther / WWF

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