Promising results

Pygmy pirogue on the Ivindo river. Minkébé Forest, Gabon
© Michel Gunther / WWF
As a result of WWF's intervention and efforts, key achievements have been registered in Minkebe:

  • The ecological research program has resulted in excellent knowledge of the area;
  • 7,567 square kilometer of primary forest in the Minkébé area has been granted strict protected status in the form of the Minkébé National Park. The 1,165 square Kilometer large Mwagne forest in Mekambo has been designated a protected area;
  • The park staff has been better equipped to do its work with the purchase of boats, equipment and by attending courses;

Poaching reduced

  • Agreements have been signed with logging companies, the local population and government to limit poaching in logging concessions. This has resulted in a prohibition on hunting in the Bordamur concession (140,000 hectares), as well as a prohibition on access for private vehicles, and better policing by foresters. A limited amount of self-sufficiency hunting for staff within a radius of five kilometers around the camp is allowed. This has helped to reduce bush meat poaching in the Bordamur concession by 95%;
  • Large numbers of elephants used to be poached in the Minkébé goldmine camp. Agreements have been signed with all parties involved, and surveillance has been set up, resulting in a drastic reduction in poaching;
  • Legislation for responsible hunting by the local population was reinforced and recorded. Cooperation with the Baka pygmies in northwest Minkébé resulted in a 50 percent reduction in elephant hunting in the area.

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