Minkebe's biodiversity

Common leopard
© WWF Bhutan

A haven for wildlife

The region contains major zones of untouched primary forest with almost no human activity. The Minkébé Forest is home to species that are dependant on large intact ecosystems, including:





Slender-snout crocodiles


Giant pangolins

Congo clawless otters

Golden cats

Giant forest hogs




Minkébé too is famous for its numerous inselbergs (isolated rock hills covered with grassy meadows) and mineral basi (open clearing) that attracts large mammals.
 / ©: WWF / Martin HARVEY
Forest elephant (Loxodonta africana cyclotis). Female and calf digging with tusks and trunk for mineral rich mud. Congo Basin
© WWF / Martin HARVEY
Dzanga-Sangha / ©: Chloe Cipolletta
Western lowland gorilla. Congo Basin.
© Chloe Cipolletta
 / ©: WWF / Martin HARVEY
Pan troglodytes Young Chimpanzees resting.
© WWF / Martin HARVEY
 / ©: Martin Harvey / WWF
Slender snout crocodile. Congo Basin
© Martin Harvey / WWF
Dzanga-Sangha / ©: Chloe Cipolletta
The bongo is the largest antelope found in the African rainforest. One can regularly see traces of bongo while tracking gorillas and hiking around the clearings.
© Chloe Cipolletta
 / ©: Chloé Cipolletta
Pangolin, Dzanga-Sangha
© Chloé Cipolletta
 / ©: David Rouge
African grey parrots in the Congo Basin
© David Rouge
 / ©: R.Isotti, A.Cambone - Homo ambiens / WWF
Forest buffalo and egret, Congo Basin.
© R.Isotti, A.Cambone - Homo ambiens / WWF
 / ©: Projet DACEFI
Typical inselberg in the Minkebe Forest
© Projet DACEFI

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