The Minkebe area

Minkebe Forest, Gabon.
© Michel Gunther / WWF

The Minkebe programme is located in the north of Gabon, Central Africa. The area consists of a densely forested lowland landscape and covers 60,000 km² - an area almost as large as the Netherlands and Belgium combined.

The Minkébé National Park and surrounding forests are considered to be among the most intact rain forests left in Africa, as well as some of the largest roadless areas in the Congo Basin.

Three forest blocks

This area consists of three main forest blocks:

•    Minkebe Forest is a continuous forest covering 32,381 km² of which is bounded to the west by the Minvoul – Oyem – Lalara road, to the South by the Larara – Makokou road, to the East by the Ivindo river and to the North by the Cameroon Border. Minkébé Forest includes the 7567 km² Minkébé National Park.

•    Mekambo Forest covers 17,700 km² and is delimited by the Ivindo river to the northwest, the Congo border to the northeast and south, and the Makokou-Okondja road in the west. The area contains the 1165 km² Mwagne National Park.

•    Mt Cristal Forest covers around 12,000 km² and is located between Equatorial Guinea to the north, the Minkébé Forest to the East, the Ogooué river to the south and the Ndjolé-Kango-Medouneu road to the West. It is almost entirely covered with logging concessions. 

The northeast of Gabon integrates into a larger 147,000 km² TRIDOM landscape (Tri-National Dja-Odzala- Minkébé) that spans northern Gabon, Southeast Cameroon and Northwest Congo Brazzaville.

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