Gabon: The Minkebe Programme

Tropical Rain Forest. Vegetation on riverbank - moist forest of the Western Congo Basin at the edge of Minkebe Reserve. Gabon
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One of Africa's most untouched rainforests

Situated in the northern part of Gabon, the Minkebe Forest is considered one the most biologically rich rainforests in Africa. And also one of the most intact.

It is home to one of the largest populations of forest elephants in Africa as well as gorillas, chimpanzees, leopards and many other species.

While human activity in Minkebe is relatively minimal, logging and mining are expanding.

Unique biodiversity

WWF works with the Gabonese government, the private sector and communities to protect the area's unique biodiversity and promote the effective management of natural resources.

WWF also works for the transborder conservation initiative called TRIDOM, which aims to protect contiguous parks in Cameroon (Dja) Congo (Odzala) and Gabon (Minkebe).

Project data

  • Started: Feb 1998
  • Planned end date: June 2011
  • Executant: Pauwel de Wachter
  • Managing Office: WWF Central Africa Regional Programme Office (CARPO)
  • Address: WWF Central Africa Regional Programme Office / Immeuble  Panda Route "La Citronelle" B.A.T. Compound Bastos B.P. 6776 Yaounde / Cameroon / +237 22 21 70 83
  • Status: active
  • Modified: 21, April 2009
  • Published: 21, April 2009
Dja-Minkébé-Odzala Tri-National (TRIDOM) Landscape

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