Project LIFE - Main objective

To improve the quality of life for rural Namibians by assisting communities to acquire increased benefits in an equitable manner by gaining control over and sustainably managing their natural resources.

Specific objectives

  • To improve the social/economic/ecological knowledge base for managing communal natural resources in target areas.

  • To develop and maintain the natural resource base in target areas.

  • To increase community awareness and knowledge of natural resource management opportunities and constraints.

  • To mobilize communities into legally recognized bodies that are capable of managing communal resources.

  • To improve community skills in participatory and technical natural resource management and enterprise management.

  • To improve the capacity of Namibian organizations to sustainably assist communities in the establishment of sustainable community-based natural resource management enterprises and management systems.

  • To improve the capacity of Namibian organizations to establish legal, regulatory, and policy framework supportive of community-based natural resource management.

  • To analyze community-based natural resource management dynamics, experiences and lessons learned, and share this information throughout Namibia and between LIFE and southern African colleagues.

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