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Visit the conservancy hotels and lodges

Stay in the White Lady Lodge, in the Tsiseb (pronounced See-seb) Conservancy.
White Lady Lodge
Mr Obrey de Jaager
Tel: 09-264-64-684004

Visit the Brandberg Mountains
Use the Brandberg Mountain Guides when you go to the famous Brandberg Mountain to see the thousands of rock art paintings and Lady or to trek and explore Namibia's highest mountain. To find out more visit:

Tsiseb Tourism Information Centre
Go to the Tsiseb Tourism Information Centre opened at Uis - The Tsiseb Information Centre assists tourists with information not only on the surrounds but about Namibia as a whole. Considering the isolation and remoteness of this area, information and guidance is a welcome oasis for tourists, far off the regular Namibian routes. Contact:

Mr Erik Xaweb
Tel: 09-264-64-504182
Fax 09-264-64-504182
E-mail: or Erik (

The Tsiseb Information Centre expects to cater for 50,000 tourists per year, especially those interested in rock paintings, e.g. The White Lady and the unique geological formations.

Go stay in Damaraland "Dam Camp" with Wilderness Safaris
Located in a remote conservancy (Torra) in the north-west Namibia on the bank of the Huab River, presenting endless vistas across stark plains, ancient valleys and soaring peaks. A unique feature is a plunge pool tucked away in a mini gorge. On game drives Desert Elephants are a sought after highlight. Walks in the early morning or late afternoon are a must.

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Visit the modern surrealist campsite. Contact:

Mr Dave van Smeerdjik
Tel: 09-264-61-274500
Fax: 09-264-61-239455
E:mail, Website:

Grootberg luxury Community Lodge
Try the new Grootberg luxury Community Lodge at #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy. This 12-room luxurious accommodation establishment is situated in the #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy in the Kunene region and cost N$4,5 million to develop and equip, which was provided by the European Union (EU) through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism's Namibia Tourism Development Programme. Contact:

Dominique and Simonita du Raan
Tel: 09-264-67-687043
E-mail :

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