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Souvenirs - traditional handcrafts, such as pots and beadwork, can provide income for local ... rel=
Souvenirs - traditional handcrafts, such as pots and beadwork, can provide income for local communities.
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Donate, Visit, Buy, Don't Buy

Conserving rhinos is expensive, and is being done in countries where conservation agencies are overstretched and under-funded. You can help by donating money to help them meet the demands of protecting these wonderful but vulnerable animals.

Contact your national WWF office to find out about options for donating money to various projects. 

Come and visit
By coming to see the shy but inquisitive black rhino, you help conserve it. In developing regions of the world, governments are under pressure to put more resources into development of people, often at the expense of nature conservation. Game reserves now have to concentrate on making money as well as conserving nature. Tourism is a major part of their income. So, you'll be having a great experience at the same time as helping an endangered animal. (See for accommodation)

Tourism is an important source of income for local communities surrounding game parks. By buying handicrafts, such as beadwork, basketwork and pots, you help people earn their livelihood and contribute towards a positive attitude towards conservation. However, always be careful that you don't buy souvenirs that could threaten wild plants or animals with extinction. Some wildlife products require permits to transport internationally or may be illegal to purchase and transport at all. Be careful that you don't end up with no souvenir and a fine instead.

Don't buy any suspicious medicines
Some traditional Chinese medicines include crushed rhino horn, which is believed to act as a mild fever reducer. Poaching for rhino horn has been the major cause of the drastic demise of black rhino since the 1970s. Don't buy or use any medication that might contain rhino horn (or parts from any other endangered species). Share your knowledge with other people.

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