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By Air
The southeast forest region of Cameroon can be accessed easily by air given the numerous air strips established by logging companies that can accommodate small planes and 20 seater carriers as Beech crafts.

Lobéké can be accessed from various directions using airstrips of Kika, Libongo and Moloundou that are bordering logging towns.

WWF has a contract arrangement with international linguistic centre, SIL that has about three small aircrafts that fly into the region when arranged.

By Land
Access by land is very difficult. The roads are mostly dusty and bumpy. Nonetheless, most regions including the project area can be accessed using the major trans-Atlantic highways that runs from the capital city into the hinterlands and across the frontiers into CAR and Republic of Congo-Brazzaville.

The main highway road is quite seasonal given poor maintenance, all season access can only be assured using 4WD vehicles. Most of the road networks are maintained by logging companies.

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