MOSAIC Project in the Annamites

Red-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus). The beautiful red-shanked douc langur is only ... rel=
Red-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus). The beautiful red-shanked douc langur is only found in north and central Vietnam and Laos
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A multi-facetted conservation initiative

Some of the world's most endangered species, including the tiger and Asian elephant, still inhabit the moist mountain forests of Quang Nam in central Vietnam.

Here too under the rain forest's canopy can be found species so rare that until just a decade ago they were unknown to science.

WWF Greater Mekong Programme's MOSAIC Project (Management of Strategic Areas for Integrated Conservation) involves working with both local villagers and forest officials to design and implement sustainable management practices.

If successful, the MOSAIC Project will serve as the model for conservation throughout the entire Greater Annamites Ecoregion.

The Quang Nam People’s Committee authorized Vietnam’s first provincial Biodiversity and Natural Resource Conservation Strategy (2005-2020) early in 2005 have further shown their commitment by signing a range of more detailed multi-departmental implementation plans:

  • Provincial method for forest land allocation to communities
  • Provincial Nature Law Enforcement Action Plan 2005-2010
  • Provincial Conservation Education Action Plan 2005-2010
  • Song Thanh Nature Reserve Management Plan 2005-2010

With these policy documents authorized, and the inter-departmental cooperation mechanisms that their development and implementation involve in place, the WWF MOSAIC project is now in a unique situation to support the effective implementation of provincial government strategies.

With a supportive and institutionalized policy framework for conservation and sustainable development now in place, the WWF MSOAIC project will focus more on the effectiveness and sustainability of implementation including capacity development, creation of ranger Standard Operating Procedures and a provincial Montoring & Evaluation system.

WWF would like to sincerely thank all partners and donors for their support and assistance over the life of the MOSAIC project to date, and looks forward to continuing this work in supporting Quang Nam to realize their aspirations of effective biodiversity conservation, sustainable natural resource management and poverty alleviation.
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