WWF work in the Greater Annamites Ecoregion

Annamites - a pioneering programme

At WWF, our vision is that 'the biodiversity, values and function of the ecosystems in the Greater Annamites Ecoregion are restored and maintained to contribute to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Vietnam and Lao PDR'.
Our starting point was a biological assessment and a ‘situation analysis’ that examined key threats and opportunities. Based on this effort, WWF decided to focus on 2 ecoregions: the Greater Annamites and the Central Indochina Dry Forests.


Natural resources support socio-economic development, and appropriate development ensures biodiversity conservation:
  • Protecting Priority Species
    Priority species are preserved in viable populations throughout the landscapes.
  • Preserving Habitats
    A representative and viable sample of all broad habitat units is conserved, and the ecological and evolutionary processes driving natural communities are preserved.
  • Sustaining the Conservation Effort
    Efforts to protect and conserve the Annamites landscapes are socially, financially, and politically sustainable.

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