The Gamba Complex - Our Solutions

Land use planning and Institutional Management

WWF catalyses a broad participatory process to discuss and validate a consolidated and comprehensive land-use and management plan for the Complex, and management plans for each of the 2 newly created parks.
It is also working with oil companies to continue to improve standards and practices for operating in an environmentally sensitive area such as the complex.

Support is provided to the government for all aspects of park management, including the implementation of sound management systems, including the implementation of surveillance strategies to control illegal hunting and fishing (in-shore and off-shore) and training of park managers, park senior staff and eco-guards.

Following recommendations in a recent consultancy report (Dec 2003) - WWF, in collaboration with the 3 conservateurs (park wardens) of the Gamba complex, proposed the creation of a management structure for the Gamba complex, composed of a Technical Management Committee and an Executive Committee.

The government in December 2004 endorsed this management structure.


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