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Community development and outreach

WWF is actively supporting community development in areas of natural resource management, and is seeking to encourage alternative activities, such as tourism, to aid in sustainable local development.


An important aspect of this development is the further training of local people: training as research assistants, eco-guards, eco-guides, technical staff, teachers, community based organizations, private sector staff, and local conservation collaborators.

Together with a growing communications and outreach programme, this will ensure that local people are aware of the changes taking place, and have an active part in affecting and participating in these changes.

Supporting local NGOs
Two good examples that include all of these various aspects involve WWF support and technical assistance to local NGOs. Ibonga, the Association for the Understanding and the Protection of the Environment (ACPE), is an environmental education NGO working in all the schools of Gamba and several in outlying villages.

WWF has assisted Ibonga in becoming a strong voice in local conservation, and in growing into an independent partner, assisting in research, and managing the education, outreach, and guiding services for the complex. With continued support from WWF, Ibonga will become an important and essential actor for conservation in Gabon.

WWF has also supported a local fishermen's association, the Fishermen's Association for the Ndougou Department (APDN), which is learning the laws of Gabon, to assist in managing illegal fishing, and to eventually assist not only in the conservation of their aquatic resources, but also to create sustainable employment and nourishment for the local population of the Gamba Complex.
 Voluntary burning of illegal fishing nets by local fishermen, during World Environment Day ... 
	© WWF / Kaas (PSVAP)
Voluntary burning of illegal fishing nets by local fishermen, during World Environment Day celebration in Gamba
© WWF / Kaas (PSVAP)

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