On the Ground in Gabon - the Gamba Complex

Ndogo lagoon with its 300 islands. rel=
Ndogo lagoon with its 300 islands.
© WWF / Bas Huijbregts
Gabon and its newly created network of 13 national parks is a sanctuary for tropical wildlife, and boasts some of the most majestic scenery in the world.
Along Gabon's coast, towards the border of neighbouring Congo Brazzaville, lies the Gamba Complex of protected areas.

Undiscovered, and stunningly beautiful.
In this area - almost 1.5 times Yellowstone National Park - 10,000 people live, but are outnumbered by 11,000 forest elephants.

The habitat is a mix of dense tropical rainforests, wide open savannahs, swamps and lagoons bordering deserted ocean beaches.

Rich variety of species
The Gamba Complex is not only home to elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, 4 species of marine turtle, manatees, hippos and the like, but is also at the heart of Gabon's main economy: oil. 

And while oil production declines, pressures on natural resources through logging, hunting and fishing increase.

WWF's work in the area
WWF has been active in the area since 1992. Through its long term work with park and wildlife authorities, local populations, research institutes and private sector, WWF can now introduce you, through these pages, to the experience of a lifetime...

Gamba Complex - the area

Marine Turtle Monitoring

Four years of Marine Turtle Monitoring in the Gamba Complex of Protected Areas Gabon, Central Africa 2002-2006.
Read the full report>>

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Ecotourism in Gamba

  • The Gamba Complex and especially the Loango National Park are known for some of Gabon’s finest fishing (when in season), and offer one of the most remote adventures. More

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