Threats: wildlife over-exploitation

Most immediate threat to species in the Dry Forests Ecoregion

Scientists have been exploring the dry forests for less than 10 years, but already this ecoregion has been placed on the global critical list.

Forests face many dangers today that may destroy what has evolved over 1000's of years. The threats to the region are many, and none have a simple answer, but in terms of priority we must tackle the issues of:

The intensity and frequency of many of these practices have increased as the numbers of people rise, as more pressure and priority are placed on increasing land productivity, and as appetites for exotic meats and products grow.

The great game-lands and their species are running out of time. There is hope that with good management, these great herds could be restored, but action must be taken quickly.

The need for promoting and enabling sustainable development in the Lower Mekong Dry Forests Ecoregion is immediate, pressing and clear.

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