Seasonal wetlands

Amid the forest formations are seasonally wet meadows and ponds, as well as other wetlands associated with the Mekong River and its tributaries. All of these wetlands play a very important and integral part in the ecology of the Dry Forests.

This is particularly true for very large mammals and large water birds at certain times of the year. Many of these wetlands are important breeding grounds for large water birds such as sarus cranes.

Some other areas, however, such as newly flooded places along the major rivers, become inaccessible to some species. In the dry season as these wetlands dry up, fauna are on the move again, searching for reliable water supplies.

Some streams disappear entirely while others maintain isolated permanent pools. Ponds and marshes shrink or dry up completely. Since the distribution of water sources varies widely, many animal species abandon large parts of the dry forest landscapes in the dry season.

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