Lower Mekong Dry Forests Ecoregion

Wild Asian elephants in the dry forests of Cambodia.
© WWF Greater Mekong

Life in abundance and on the edge

The Lower Mekong Dry Forests Ecoregion consists of a mosaic of open dry forests, semi-evergreen forests and small ponds and wet seasonally wet grasslands, which support a host of species that depend on this variation in habitat.
These species tend to be large and wide ranging to use these different habitats, and they also tend to be some of the world's most threatened species.

The ecoregion lies entirely within the lower Mekong Basin, and contains three of the most important tributaries to the Mekong, namely the Se Kong, Se San, and Srepok Rivers.

Local contact

Srepok: Serengeti of Asia

Unharmed by war, endangered by man

Years of isolation, the consequence of decades of war and civil strife, have left the Srepok River area and its rich biodiversity relatively intact.

The river itself teems with exotic fish, while wild cattle and large cats still roam the surrounding plains. However, this natural wealth is highly threatened by destructive fishing practices, land conversion, illegal logging and the ferocious trade in wildlife. Read more

A tiger close up to the camera, sniffing it, caught by the flash, image is slightly blurred. 
	© WWF Cambodia /SWA Project Staff
Tiger caught in a camera trap, eastern Cambodia. Srepok Wildnerness Area (SWA) - Januray 2006. Only the 2nd ever tiger caught on film by a camera trap in this area.
© WWF Cambodia /SWA Project Staff

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