/ ©: WWF-MWIOPO/Martina Lippuner
© WWF-MWIOPO/Martina Lippuner
Monsieur Boba: “I witnessed how the seasons changed”
Monsieur Boba is a kid from Vondrozo – he spent all his life in the area and knows it like no one else. Today, he can witness how forest destruction and climate change have impacted the region. And he tells us about solutions. Read
 / ©: WWF-MWIOPO / M. Lippuner
© WWF-MWIOPO / M. Lippuner
Kotobatovisa: Here comes the forest police!
Together with four colleagues, Kotobatovisa forms the forest police, patrolling and checking the woodlands to makes sure no one takes what is supposed to stay there. Read
 / ©: WWF-MWIOPO / M. Lippuner
Madamae Philomène, pulling out weeds from her peanut field. Tsaratanana, near Vondrozo.
© WWF-MWIOPO / M. Lippuner
Philomène: enterprising women in peanut fields
The women from Tsaratanana have created their own association, led by Madame Philomène. Its 24 members received training in vegetable farming. Read.
 / ©: WWF-MWIOPO / M. LIppuner
© WWF-MWIOPO / M. LIppuner
The gardener: “I grow trees for our new forest”
Kotosarahy is one of the four gardeners trained to plant fast growing trees on the hillsides of Vohimary-Nord. Read.

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