Model farmer

Marcellin Nesy is a model farmer in Ivohibe. In 2007, he won the first reforestation contest – now organized each year in the region by WWF – to celebrate World Environment Day.
In addition to pine and eucalyptus, Marcellin Nesy grows many crops on his land: manioc, rice, pineapples, bananas, coffee. He also has beehives and fish ponds.

Visits to his farm are arranged during the week-long series of events which WWF and the local authorities organize for World Environment Day.

WWF provides him with some technical assistance – especially for his reforestation activities.

“We always try to answer individual requests for support, as this will encourage the community to work with us to meet our own conservation objectives,” says Joël Raveloson, Head of Project in Ivohibé-Andringitra.  

In general, WWF’s support is technical and focuses on agriculture – irrigation, management of beehives and fish ponds and other similar issues.  

WWF also helps local associations to be more efficient as they prove to be key stakeholders in transfers of natural resources management.

“Such an approach makes all the more sense that it does not cost us a lot of money,” adds Raveloson.

Source of inspiration
WWF hopes that the collaboration with Marcellin Nesy will inspire other farmers and make them ambitious.

“Ideally, we need several Marcellin,” says Ravaloson.

The model farmer is happy to be an example to follow even though it was not his goal when he started his farm.

“I only wanted to leave something for the future generation, especially my kids,” he says. “Currently, my activities feed, and provide revenues to, the whole family, including my parents.”
And beyond! Marcellin Nesy believes he helped at least 300 poor villagers by providing them with manioc seedlings which they will pay only in case of fruitful harvest.

Other examples?
Obviously, the local community is following closely Marcellin’s successful work and has expressed its desire to launch something similar. However, this means additional farmland will have to be purchased.

In the meantime, Joël Raveloson and his team will continue to provide support.

	© Olivier van Bogaert
Marcellin Nesy and part of his farmland
© Olivier van Bogaert

I only wanted to leave something for the future generation, especially my kids

Marcellin Nesy

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