Jean Bosco Ratradraibe

Field agent.
Jean Bosco Ratradraibe was born in 1960 in Fianarantsoa, where he studied agriculture. He came to Ivohibe when working for the Catholic Relief Service project.

He then moved to WWF. “The position at WWF suited me better,” he explains. “I could spent more time in nature, work more in my area of expertise and stay in the region to share my knowledge with the local farmers.”

He particularly likes the contact with the population.

“I try to discuss and exchange with as many people as possible, this is the best way to teach but also to learn,” he adds.
“Many people are keen to listen to what I have to say and follow my advice, and eventually adopt sound practices,” he says. “But some are also afraid to change their behaviour, often because they fear they could be wrong and make mistakes. We need time and patience to show them how to change.”
	© Olivier van Bogaert
Jean Bosco Ratradraibe
© Olivier van Bogaert

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