Janvier Robert

Field agent.
Aged 47, Janvier Robert is a native from Ivohibe. He always lived close to the forest and always loved it.

He is fascinated by nature and at school his main teacher was already lecturing him on the need to protect the environment. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that he ended up working for WWF.

“I like the fact that WWF is very much active in the field,” he says. “WWF has always been very visible in Ampani, my village, where environmental degradation is evident.”

“I thought that by becoming myself a WWF employee, people in my village would be more incline to listen to me and I was right about this. By participating in the village meetings, now I can inform and advise my fellow citizens, which is a dream come true.” 

	© Olivier van Bogaert
Janvier Robert
© Olivier van Bogaert

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