Diamondra Fananaro Andriambololona

Diamondra Fananaro Andriambololona was born in 1960 in Antananarivo. As a geographer, he then worked for various development organizations and programmes, as well as for farmer associations in several regions of Madagascar.

“I found myself working mainly in the field, being permanently in contact with the natural world,” he says. “But I wanted more, I really was eager to act for nature, to preserve it, that is why I took this job with WWF. I feel completely in line with the objective to encourage people to love and protect nature.”

United team
Diamondra is also especially happy to be part of a united team who knows the place very well.

“WWF has been around for more than 15 years and the project is well organized,” he says. “This makes it far easier to develop contacts and partnerships with local communities.”
	© Olivier van Bogaert
Diamondra Fananako Andriambololona
© Olivier van Bogaert

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