A day with Joël Raveloson

Joël Raveloson is sharing his time between Ivohibe, Ihosy (where he lives), Fianarantsoa (where he takes care of all administrative and financial tasks) and Antananarivo (where the national meetings and training take place).

He spends approximately 10 days each month in Ivohibe. When he is there, his first day usually starts at 6 heures 45, with a shower and breakfast.

7. 45 am
Early briefing with the field technicians and socio-organizer to catch up on what has been done during his absence and what needs to be done in the coming days.

8. 30 am

Joël meets with visitors, most of the time farmers asking for support or advice. They usually know exactly when he is back to Ivohibe and organize their visits accordingly. Sometimes they come from far away.

“It is very important to meet with them and answer to their questions or requests rapidly, if possible the same day,” he says.

In parallel, he organizes a longer meeting with the whole team to analyze any pending issue and unsolved problem, and discuss potential solutions. Reports from field technicians are reviewed and activities and visits are carefully planned. 

The afternoon schedule can vary a lot. Some days, Joël continues to meet with visitors. Otherwise, he goes to the field with the rest of the team – sometimes for many days.

Just before heading back to Ihosy, Joël will make sure he meets again with his team to decide on priority issues to take care of when he is away and plan his next stay.
	© Olivier van Bogaert
Joël Raveloson with tree samplings
© Olivier van Bogaert

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