Ivohibe-Andringitra forest corridor

New protected areas                 
Transfers of natural resources management     
Forest landscape restoration                            

These activities are carried out in a zone that encompasses the site of Vondrozo, totalling 178,000 hectares including more than 109,000 hectares of high conservation value forests.        

51’825 people (MANA, 2007)

Direct beneficiaries from the project:
- Local associations
- Local authorities

Indirect beneficiaries from the project:
- Farmers from four villages;
- Regional authorities;
- Financial and technical partners;
- National development programmes;
- Some specific NGOs;
- The Malagasy State. .

The transfers of natural resources management will concern 300 households (approximately1,800 people) on two sites – North of Ivongo and East of Maropaika

Download a map of the Ivohibe site

	© Olivier van Bogaert
Ivohibe, centre of the village
© Olivier van Bogaert
	© Olivier van Bogaert
Typical landscape surrounding the Ivohibe Peak Nature Reserve (in the back)
© Olivier van Bogaert

The WWF team

Lovanirina Joël Raveloson, agronomist and forester, Head of project

Diamondra Fananako Andriambololona, geographer, socio-organizer

Briand Noël Ranarimanga, field agent

Jean Bosco Ratradraibe, field agent

Martial Rakotondrasoa, field agent

Janvier Robert, field agent
	© WWF/Joël Raveloson
	© WWF/Joël Raveloson
	© GoodPlanet

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