A day with Appolinaire Razafimahatratra

“I don’t really have a standard day,” says Appolinaire Razafimahatratra. “There is the time, at the end of the month, when the teams return from the field and we need to debrief. And then, there is the time when I have to plan again, think about potential other, new, options or methods.”

Indeed, the meetings between Appolinaire and his team when they are back from mission will influence the activities of the following weeks. From their report, Appolinaire will prepare, organize, guide and sometimes modify the next mission(s).

Analysis and reflection

Appolinaire regularly goes on mission himself for one week or more. This gives him direct insight on the selected approaches. His subsequent analysis and reflection might lead him to confirm the methodology or, if appropriate, to explore another route.

At the end of the month, when the team is back in the office, Appolinaire would start his day at 6.15, with a solid breakfast. He arrives in the office at 8.00.
8.00-12.00: Reading and analysis of the socio-organizer’s and field agents’ reports. Own comments and reflections. Suggestions for improvements, planning.
12.00-13.30 : Lunch and rest.
13.30-19.00 : Morning activities continue. Administrative tasks and reports. Case studies, research in literature. The idea is to build knowledge and be always equipped to look for alternatives or improvements if needed.      

"A good start"

Commenting on the first year of the project, Appolinaire says: “Information and capacity building in the local communities took more time than expected. The political crisis that hit Madagascar for many months in early 2009 did impact us. Some of the mayors we are working with, as well as other local authorities, such as the regional forest administration, did not want to commit to anything. However, we have managed to organize the COBAs and give them a solid structure. This is a good start.”  

	© Air France / Nicolas Petteau
Appolinaire Razafimahatratra
© Air France / Nicolas Petteau

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