Meeting the staff

	© WWF MWIOPO / Martina Lippuner
Erica Antilahy, WWF Andapa, Madagascar
© WWF MWIOPO / Martina Lippuner
Jeanneney Rabearivony, Head of Project in Andapa
Chrisophe Ramanantsoa, Socio-organizer
Fidimanana, Socio-organizer
Marie Hélène Rasoalalanirina, Field agent
Jean Noel, Field agent
Falizara, Field agent
Léandre Razafilahy, Field agent
Odon Raharison Andrianarivelo, Field agent
Velonjara Zafinandriana, Field agent
Erica Natacha Antilahy Merimpitia, Finance and Administrative Officer

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