Flavien Rebara is excited at doing new things

	© Olivier van Bogaert
Flavien Rebara, head of project in Fort Dauphin.
© Olivier van Bogaert
Meeting with the Head of project in Fort Dauphin.
Flavien Rebara was born in 1964 in Antananarivo where he lived until moving to Tulear. There, he went to primary and high school and eventually university. He graduated in geography in 1994 with a memoir on links between migrations of rural populations and deforestation.

« Then, I wanted to teach at the university, » he says. « But a senior researcher advised me to look for some real life experience before starting a PhD. » Which he did by entering at Vétérinaires sans frontières as head of project, before joining WWF.

« I had researched and worked on deforestation issues during my studies and wanted to put my theoretical knowledge into practice, » he recalls. In 2005, he became coordinator of the sub region in Fort Dauphin.

Antananarivo, Tulear, Fort Dauphin – Flavien Rebara seems to be a urban citizen but he is not. His father was in the agriculture business, owned farming land.

“I was a lot in the fields with friends, hunting small birds or participating in the farmwork,” says Flavien.
In his current position, he is excited at doing new things such as restoration of degraded forest landscapes and carbon assessment.

“The holistic programme of forest conservation opens new perspectives,” he believes. “We already have some good experience in creating protected areas or facilitating transfers of natural resources management and these additional activities will enable us to increase our knowledge and skills.”

Flavien Rebara is also very happy with the massive strengthening of his team.

“Thanks to the programme we will be 18 people here instead of…two in the past,” he says. “With all these developments, I can only be optimistic. I really think that the activities we are currently carrying out with the local communities will bear fruit sooner than later.” 

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