Carbon knowledge and assessment

The main goal of the carbon-related studies linked to this project is to determine whether the proposed activities will provide quantifiable and measurable results in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions and sequestration of carbon. In addition, these studies will:
  • Promote the development of mechanisms and models to involve local communities in the process by which potential carbon-related funding could directly reach the local level;
  • Test and assess the first draft of “Green Standard” for the carbon-related forest projects that WWF is developing;
  • Contribute to the elaboration of the REDD vision for Madagascar in the context of the Malagasy government’s involvement in the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility;
  • Use all the knowledge that will have been acquired to feed the discussions and negotiations around the Kyoto Protocol and post 2012 regime.
The carbon-related studies will include the following activities: 

1. Assessment of carbon stocks
  • Land-use analysis at the start of the programme
  • Assessment of the above-ground biomass - LiDAR technology
  • Assessment of carbon stocks in litter and soil
2. Modeling of carbon stocks
  • Analysis of the forest cover change
3. Fundamental research
  • Developing an alternative methodology to assess above-ground biomass
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