Progress of activities

Moving on at a fast pace

Typical landscape near Fandriana, Madagascar, with subsistence farming and rice fields.
As it enters into its last stage, the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests (HCPF) is moving on at the fastest pace ever with very successful, and sometimes spectacular, results – both quantitatively and qualitatively. Read

Progressing at full steam

Farming landscape, Fandriana.
At the end of its second year of implementation, the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests in Madagascar is progressing at full steam, with big leaps forward in almost all the activities. Read

Moving forward despite instability and insecurity

	© Maminiaina Rasamoelina
Farmers being trained on System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
© Maminiaina Rasamoelina
Since October 2009, the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests has made overall good progress, despite continued political instability, increasing insecurity and cyclones which have impacted some of the programme’s activities. Read

Reaching cruising speed

	© WWF / Olivier van Bogaert
Reforestation activities have yielded promising results. In Ivohibé, communities are very committed to plant trees.
© WWF / Olivier van Bogaert
One year after its launch, the Holistic Programme of Forest Conservation in Madagascar (HPFC) has made overall good progress despite the political turmoil which affected the island in 2009. Read
	© GoodPlanet

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