How you can help WWF work in Cameroon's Coastal Forest Programme

You may want to help and participate in the successful work that is being carried out in the Coastal Forest Programme; here is a comprehensive list of what the project needs:
  • 2 four-wheel drive vehicles
  • 5 all terrain motorbikes for patrols

Communications and electronic material

  • 4 computers
  • 5 high-capacity laptops
  • 1 plotter
  • 10 GPS with antenna (GPS III)
  • 25 cyber trackers (GPS combined with pocket computer, to gather data in forest)
  • 1 VSAT
  • 4 mobile communications posts (portable radios for forest patrols)
  • 2 digital cameras
  • 1 digital video camera
  • 1 beamer
  • 1 combined DVD/VHS player
  • 1 external DVD recorder
  • 2 high capacity printers (1 colour printer)


  • 10 compasses
  • 15 tents
  • 25 backpacks
  • 10 mattresses
  • 20 sleeping bags for guards and research teams in the forest
  • 10 binoculars for guards and other field teams


  • 2 volunteers specialised in tourism who could help promote ecotourism, and advice communities. Fluency in French or English required.
  • 1 volunteer with some experience in project development and management, especially community-based, small-scale projects. Fluency in English required.

The project would cover all of the volunteers' accommodation and field costs, as well as their transport within the area. It would also provide them with auxiliary staff.


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