Threats to the coastal forest area

Heavy human pressure

“We hope to work towards stopping the rapid degradation of natural resources and build a future in which the people live in harmony with their environment.” says Dr. Atanga Ekobo, Programme Coordinator.

The main threats to the rich biodiversity of the area include:

-          Poaching and over hunting

-          Overexploitation of mangroves as fuel wood

-          Onshore oil drilling

-          Illegal logging and large scale lumbering

-          Large forest clearance and shifting cultivation


Extensive agriculture is sweeping off large forest areas. The fertile soil on the slopes of Mount Cameroon has attracted large palm plantations and caused the massive destruction of wildlife habitats.
Reckless timber exploitation. 
	© WWF / WWF-CARPO / Peter Ngea
Reckless timber exploitation.
© WWF / WWF-CARPO / Peter Ngea

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