Achievements and Future Challenges

The achievements

Although it was launched less than two years ago, WWF's Campo-Ma'an Project has already achieved several encouraging results:
  • Completion of a management plan for Campo-Ma'an National Park and its buffer zone. This is probably the most significant result. It took WWF only 12 months to secure the support of all stakeholders in the region, while Tropenbos and SNV had not managed to finalize this indispensable tool in four years, despite their substantial financial resources.
  • Resumption of the park's surveillance system - guards are paid and back on patrol, and four checkpoints have been installed at four strategic entries in the protected area.
  • Completion of inventories of some of the park's animals - in particular large mammals.
  • Organization of consultation schemes involving all stakeholders in the region, including logging companies.
  • Launch of several initiatives to support local development and local communities.

Future challenges
As it is now, WWF's project will not be in a position to fund the implementation of the management plan with its own financial resources. It is vital that MINEF increases the annual budget of Campo Ma'an National Park. Moreover, it is crucial to officially confirm the guards in their appointment so that their salaries are not paid anymore by the project, but by the State.

Additional funding will have to be found to cover all the other management costs. Currently WWF's project functions with an annual budget of 120 million CFA (approximately €180,000). Ideally, 500 million CFA per year (approx. €760,000) is necessary to develop all the project's modules without too many financial constraints. Conventions will have to be signed with logging and ago-industrial companies to ensure that their activities meet basic conservation requirements. Efforts to promote ecotourism need to be boosted. The vicinity of a seaside resort such as Kribi must become an asset for Campo-Ma'an National Park and its buffer zone.

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