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The beach of Kribi, Kribi, Cameroon, September 2004 rel=
The beach of Kribi, Kribi, Cameroon, September 2004
© WWF / Olivier van Bogaert

Campo-Ma'an Landscape: linking Nature and People’s livelihood

The Campo-Ma’an Project becomes the “WWF Kudu-Zombo Programme” Why the change of name? Kudu means turtle in many local languages in the south of Cameroon while Zombo refers to the mandrill (forest monkey with large blue wrinkles on the face). Both the Kudu and the Zombo are among the endangered animal species in the Campo-Ma’an landscape. Using the names of these animals as the symbol of the new Programme seemed more original and in line with WWF's new vision for the landscape.

After three years of effective conservation work in the Campo-Ma’an National Park and its periphery, WWF has decided to broaden its scope and vision to include new geographic and thematic areas using a landscape approach.

The overall objective of the Kudu-Zombo Programme is :

“to conserve globally significant terrestrial and marine ecosystems in the Campo Ma’an/ Rio Campo area, through landscape planning and management for sustainable development”.

Specific objectives
  • Ensure the conservation of endangered species (elephants, great apes, marine turtles) and their habitats.
  • Ensure the integrity of the Campo Ma’an National Park.
  • Secure equitable and sustainable use of natural resources, improved access to markets to enhance the livelihoods of the local communities.
  • Ensure the effective management of the marine ecosystems for biodiversity conservation and improved livelihoods
  • Define and implement trans border conservation activities
  • Ensure the conservation of mangrove ecosystems around the Ntem Estuary by strengthening resistance and resilience to climate change and socio economic activities.
The Kudu-Zombo Programme aims at direct poverty alleviation, capacity building for local communities, policy influencing and learning and sharing.

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