Pang Sida National Park, Thailand

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Asia/Pacific > Southeast Asia > Thailand

Indian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) passing through water lilies. Bangkok Zoo, Thailand.
© WWF-Canon / Martin HARVEY


The high mountains and dense forests of Pang Sida National Park in eastern Thailand are home to a wide range of wildlife, including elephant, tiger, deer, freshwater crocodiles and hundreds of bird species.

WWF is working with wildlife authorities to strengthen park management and conservation. In addition, an outreach unit is being set up to increase conservation awareness and local community involvement.


Pang Sida national park covers an area of 844 km2. The landscape is complex and contains some high mountains. The fertile forests include moist evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest and grassland which are important sources of water and streams. Wild animals found in the park are, for example, elephant, red bull, tiger, deer, barking deer, bear, warthog, and hornbill.


1. Increase the capacity of Pang Sida national park staff to reduce conflicts, to build cooperation, and to engage constructively with neighbouring communities.

2. Increase the conservation awareness and involvement of local communities, both in the project period and for the future.

3. Establish a Pang Sida Outreach Unit that will liase effectively with local communities.

4. Strengthen forest protected area management.

5. Build a model for park staff capacity building and community awareness building that can be applied to other national parks in Thailand.

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