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WWF President Emeritus HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, with WWF Asia-Pacific Director Dr Isabelle Louis, launch of WWF International Singapore.
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Achieving a balance between pursuing development and conserving natural resources presents the greatest challenge facing the Asia-Pacific region today.

From creating marine protected areas to addressing climate change issues, WWF is working with companies and investors in Singapore, as well as governments, NGOs and local communities, to conserve the region’s astonishing wealth of biodiversity. WWF is also supporting many activities in Singapore and the surrounding region, including environmental education and corporate social responsibility programmes, and innovative financing for environmental sustainability.


WWF Singapore will contribute towards regional conservation outcomes through education and outreach, providing leadership to regional conservation programmes, engaging in corporate social responsibility and developing pilot sustainable financing strategies.


To achieve this balance of economy, environment and livelihoods, WWF is taking a regional approach to investing in conservation in Asia-Pacific, focusing on large spatial areas of significant biological and ecosystem value. WWF’s cohesive regional approach is unique among international conservation groups, while fitting in with the increasing regional integration taking place among governments, the private sector and in mutually beneficial activities such as trade and investment.


Education and outreach

WWF will implement a series of educational and awareness-raising initiatives that will target 100,000 school students in the age range of 7-17 years each year. These activities will include initiatives to:

- Define a joint environment research programme with the School of Design and Environment of the National University of Singapore for students studying for a master’s degree in environmental management.

- Develop a 2nd series of joint marine conservation programmes with Underwater World Singapore (UWS). The audience will include schools that are part of UWS activities as well as visitors to UWS. An environment award incentive programme will also be designed.

- Develop a joint conservation education and awareness programme with the Singapore Zoo Conservation Centre for schools and visitors.

- Continue the series of joint WWF - Singapore Zoo lectures begun in 2005 into 2006 and 2007. Experts from Asia-Pacific will give talks at the zoo to schools and the public.

- Expand the joint awareness-raising programme of WWF, TRAFFIC (Trade Records Analysis of Flora and Fauna in Commerce) and Singapore Zoo to inform schools, the media and visitors about wildlife trade. Lectures, public awareness materials and media training have already begun and a programme for 2006 and 2007 is planned.

- Develop and initiate a pilot programme of interactive online environmental educational tools- Edutainment for Conservation Online - jointly with the Ministry of Education and Environment.

- Continue to integrate WWF’s Window on the World nature education kit with Singapore Zoo and the Ministry of Education’s programme for schools visiting the zoo.

- Pilot awareness programmes and lecture series with selected community centres to share and learn as partners in conservation, e.g. nature photography competitions, World Environment Day events, youth forums or day camps on the environment, and environmental movie specials.

- Organize awareness-raising exhibitions about conservation in Asia-Pacific and WWF projects in Singapore.

- Identify opportunities for Singaporeans to participate in WWF conservation research programmes, internships or ecotourism activities in WWF offices in the Asia-Pacific region.

- Provide WWF expertise from Asia-Pacific at events and activities in Singapore on environmental issues, e.g. the annual International Youth Forum.

- Organize gala events, such as the Panda Ball (an international annual event).

- Facilitate secondments or staff exchanges between WWF and the government, universities and corporates in Singapore.

Regional conservation programme

In the first 2 years, WWF will coordinate the establishment of a regional conservation programme. This will include such initiatives as:

- Provide leadership and coordination support from Singapore for WWF programmes in over 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

- Facilitate the organization and coordination of regional WWF and partnership meetings and events.

- Facilitate partnerships between Singapore based institutions and global/regional partners (specifically focusing on research, education, policy, training, media, and financing).

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

WWF will coordinate the establishment of a regional conservation programme. This will include such initiatives as:

- Facilitate conferences on CSR to enable dialogue and information sharing.

- Facilitate training workshops on CSR.

- Share WWF case studies and experiences of WWF conservation programmes and business partnerships.

Pilot sustainable financing strategies

WWF will coordinate the establishment of a regional conservation programme. This will include such initiatives as:

- Develop innovative financing for conservation programmes with Singapore partners and/or a consortium of Singapore and regional partners.

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