Crafting a Vision for the Future: Protecting New Guinea’s TransFly...

Posted on 25 October 2006  | 
“When I was a little boy, you could walk into the bush about 2km and come back 30 minutes later with something you’d hunted,” Yul explains nostalgically. “But now you have to walk for hours and hours, sometimes even days”. What threats does the TransFly face, and how is WWF working to address these problems?
Local woman in traditional dress in Rhoku village, by a tributary of the Bensbach River. Her headdress is made from the feathers of the Cassowary - Papua New Guinea's largest bird, and she is adorned with white palm cockatoo feathers. Western Province, Papua New Guinea. December 2004
© Brent Stirton/Getty Images / WWF-UK Enlarge

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