WWF Mediterranean Initiative bulletin: Issue 3 / Feb 2014

Coral reef surrounded by anchovies.
© Jürgen Freund / WWF

Creating solutions with fishing fleets

In the last issue we highlighted the importance of small-scale fisheries for addressing sustainability in the Mediterranean. It is also crucial to work with industrial fisheries towards common goals, in a more cooperative and significant way. WWF Greece is working with purse seiners of the Manios fisheries company, with the supermarket chain AB Vasilopoulos and with scientists from the Fisheries Research Institute, on a project that involves practical solutions towards sustainable resources management. In this case, bringing the fleet from which the supermarket chain sources anchovy and sardine to a level of MSC certification for the first time. The Kavala Fisheries Improvement project is collaborative, coordinated and transformative, and is an important step towards the goals of the Mediterranean Initiative.

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