European Parliament fishing subsidies deal will set recovery of fish stocks back decades

Posted on 10 July 2013    
French Mediterranean fisherman in the Gulf of Lion
© WWF / Frank PAUL
Brussels, Belgium: Members of the European Parliament (MEP) on the Fisheries Committee voted to provide €1.6 billion worth of subsidies to improve the capacity of European Union fishing fleets and diversify local economies that have been hard hit by the decline of this sector.

While the stated aim of the support is to increase the sustainability of the fisheries industry, investment in new boats and equipment will provide the opportunity for boats to increased their range and an ability to stay longer at sea, which in turn will allow fishermen to reach the last remaining fish stocks that are located far from their home ports.

This vote is not at all consistent with the position MEPs took in the Basic Regulation reform agreed earlier this year that looks at promoting a real increase in fish numbers. The deal also has failed to provide funds to implement schemes aimed at improving participation of non-government organizations and other stakeholders in fisheries management and conservation measures.

“This deal will set the recovery of fish stocks back decades especially in areas like the Mediterranean where the bulk of funds on fleet renewal will be spent. Members of the Fisheries Committee were asked to come up with a plan that could promote sustainable fisheries over the long-term. Instead we have a situation where over 20,000 vessels will be eligible for funding to upgrade that could eventually destroy remaining fish stocks.” said Tony Long, Director, WWF European Policy Office.

“As this now passes to the European Parliament plenary in September we call on all MEPs to end this situation where too many boats are chasing too few fish and to reallocate funds to promote fish stock recovery and habitat restoration.''

Contact: Philippe Carr, WWF European Policy Office,
+32 476 25 68 79

French Mediterranean fisherman in the Gulf of Lion
© WWF / Frank PAUL Enlarge

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