Knowledge sharing


Knowledge, skills, experiences and lessons learnt are transferred to other countries in the region and internationally. This will accelerate development of REDD+ ‐related technology and capacity in those countries and in Thailand.


We’ll multiply the impact of TREEMAPS by sharing what we learn with regional and international audiences. We aim to make Thailand a knowledge hub for REDD+, measuring, reporting, and verification (MRV) for climate agreements, and project design document (PDD) development.

Many of the concerns TREEMAPS deals with are relevant to REDD+ projects in other countries. These include:
  • Land tenure issues
  • Safeguards related to biodiversity conservation and socio-economic issues
  • Carbon assessment and MRV challenges
  • Payment structures and linking REDD+ projects to financing
  • Co-benefits of maintaining carbon stocks
  • Use of technology such as LiDAR
Existing platforms for sharing information include the Greater Mekong Sub-region Environment Working Group, the Mekong River Commission, meetings of ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry and the regional REDD Learning Network. We’re also cooperating closely with all the Lower Mekong governments, bilateral and multilateral donors and other partners.

Other REDD+ projects

TREEMAPS has close working relationships with other WWF projects in the region:
 / ©: WWF / Justin Foster
WWF Nepal and REDD Forestry and Climate Change Cell, Forest Resource Assessment. Kathmandu, March 2012.
© WWF / Justin Foster


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