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Thailand develops the capacity at the national level – and in one region, at the sub‐national level – to measure and monitor change in forest carbon and to take advantage of the range of emerging forest carbon financing and benefit opportunities.
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Specific objectives

  1. Forest carbon monitoring: Thailand establishes a high‐resolution forest carbon basemap and a permanent, credible forest carbon monitoring system to go with this. User‐friendly web-based tools will allow stakeholders at all levels to be involved in this work.
  2. Sub-national REDD+ pilot project: A pilot project covering forests of high conservation value and forest restoration areas in Thailand produces a comprehensive “project design document”(PDD). The sub-national project will be designed to allow similar projects to be implemented in Thailand and other countries.
  3. Capacity building: Local stakeholders at every level are equipped to use and benefit from these activities.
  4. Knowledge sharing: Knowledge, skills, experiences and lessons learnt are transferred to other countries in the region and internationally. This will accelerate development of REDD+ ‐related technology and capacity in those countries and in Thailand.

Project principles

TREEMAPS is committed to:
  • Using emerging technology to meet natural resource challenges
  • Working with local people and community-managed forests
  • Respecting the interests of diverse stakeholders in all aspects of the project
  • Building on the existing knowledge base – globally and, especially, in Thailand
  • Working with appropriate partners to maximize synergies, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Integrating the project into Thailand’s national REDD+ process.

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About the project - leaflet

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Thap Lan Forest, Thailand
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