Six Month Technical Progress Report July 2011-December 2011

Posted on 20 June 2012    
6 month report [Jul-Dec 2011]
© WWF-Laos / CarBi Project
Avoidance of deforestation and forest degradation in the border area of Southern Laos and central Vietnam for the long-term preservation of carbon sinks and biodiversity (“CarBi Project”)

The primary objective of this CarBi Technical Progress Report for July-December 2011, is to provide a detailed overview of actual progress made towards the Indicators, Specific Results and Intermediate results, measured against the planned progress. Challenges, solutions and adaptive management options based on potential risks, are also discussed. Each Specific Result is also complemented by a summary of progress made, and challenges experienced during the reporting period.

The formalization of the statutory approval process concluded with the respective governments of Laos and Vietnam, recent developments in CarBi human resource related matters, as well as a brief overview of progress on the communications front, are also presented. A CarBi Traffic Light report, highlighting progress with activity implementation, is also attached for illustrative purposes (this version is still a draft and under discussion with the component Leaders). This more cryptic version endeavors to provide a quantitative overview of implementation progress to the CarBi team, and is updated quarterly.
6 month report [Jul-Dec 2011]
© WWF-Laos / CarBi Project Enlarge

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