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Leopard (Panthera pardus delacouri)

Clouded leopard captured by a photo-trap rel=
Clouded leopard captured by a photo-trap

IUCN Red List: Not Available CITES Appendix I

The leopard is the smallest of the great cats (lion, tiger, and jaguar). Leopard skin is covered in rosettes and like human fingerprints, each individual leopard's spots are unique. Black leopards are also known as panthers, and are not of a separate species. There are many subspecies of leopard due to their wide range of habitats. The Indochinese subspecies is scientifically named Panthera pardus delacouri.

Not fussy in what they eat
Leopards will eat just about anything. Their diet consists mainly of monkeys, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, wild pigs, and ungulates. When an animal is killed, it carries its prey up into the trees to eat. Leopards are capable of carrying animals up to twice their own weight into the trees.

Still roaming the Eastern Plains landscape... for now
Leopards are still roaming the Eastern Plains landscape of Cambodia. However, as the tiger has become so scarce, hunters are now looking further for alternative smaller cats like leopards to continue to support the lucrative illegal medicinal trade. The leopard is also hunted for their beautifully spotted fur.


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