Internal Governance Tool 2: Participatory Well-Being Ranking

Posted on 30 July 2013    
Briefing Paper: Participatory Well Being Ranking
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Participatory Well-Being Ranking is a process by which a group of households are asked to rank themselves according to economic and social status. The process is conducted by Forest Users Groups with the assistance of local resource persons acting as facilitators. Households are generally described as either well-off, middle income, or poor, although some households may be described as extremely poor. Following the ranking exercise, and based on the resources available to the Forest User Group, livelihood support initiatives are identified and implemented to support poor and extremely poor households. This tool directly supports the provision in the Community Forestry Development Guidelines 2009 earmarking 35% of total group funds for pro-poor livelihood support activities.

Please download to view the entire Briefing Paper.
Briefing Paper: Participatory Well Being Ranking
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