WWF's Living Himalayas Initiative factsheet

Posted on 28 September 2011    
WWF Living Himalayas Factsheet
© WWF Living Himalayas
Few places on Earth can match the breathtaking splendor of the Himalayas.

It is a region that boast towering peaks, secluded valleys, pristine freshwater lakes and rich forests. It is also a place with a diverse cultural and spiritual heritage. Here, on the "roof of the world," nature and people have coexisted since time immorial, resulting in a rich tapestry of life across Bhutan, India, and Nepal.

Threads of this unique tapestry, however, are showing signs of wear. Forests are being overharvested for timber or cut down for agricultural expansion and development purposes, wildlife poaching is rampant, and climate change is melting its mountain glaciers...

WWF Living Himalayas Factsheet
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