High Altitude Wetlands Projects Retrospective

Posted on 16 August 2011  | 
The High Altitude Wetlands Projects Retrospective
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The High Altitude Wetlands Projects Retrospective aims to document WWF-Nepal’s project experiences and program learning; to review results and lessons learned and to ensure that a wide audience will benefi t from and have access to the projects’ initiatives and knowledge. WWF – Nepal has pioneered many innovative projects in the fi elds of ecosystem and species conservation as well as biodiversity and habitat preservation.

High Altitude Wetlands are important sources and resources for water, biodiversity, livelihoods and ecosystem dynamics.In the Himalayan Region, they are crucial freshwater and biodiversity storehouses as well as weather regulators. Fragile and hidden, these freshwater ecosystems are currently being studied and supported by WWF’s program priorities and targets. Understanding and mitigating the impact of climate change on wetlands are imperative for the effective management of high altitude wetlands. In the backdrop of escalating natural and anthropogenic factors that bear on these freshwater sources, WWF- Nepal has now completed two key regional projects on wetlands - the Saving Wetlands Sky-High (SWSH) and the Climate Change Impact on Freshwater Ecosystems in the Himalayas (CCIFEH).
The High Altitude Wetlands Projects Retrospective
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